Do you want to ensure that your systems are not vulnerable?
Do you want to avoid being the next victim of a
cyber-attack? Do you want to be more secure?


With the Information Systems Vulnerabilities Audit and the Execution of Sinaptic® Penetration Tests, you will be more secure.

Our in-depth review of information systems and technological services evaluates the current level of security vulnerabilities of your organization, in the face of a cyber-attack.


Once you know the level of vulnerability that your company's information and technology systems have, you have the power to take robust security measures that prevent any cyber-criminal or cyber-attack from affecting the stability, reputation and permanence of your organization.

Sinaptic® has a team of certified cybersecurity specialists who use powerful tools and recognized techniques and methodologies that make for robust white hat hacking activities, due to the extraordinary level of analysis and interpretation perfectly suited to the digital context of your organization.