Did your Company suffer from a cyber-attack,
you don´t know what to do and require a specialist?
Is your company´s information hijacked?
Do you want to know what happened? Do you want to feel protected?


With the Sinaptic® Forensic Analysis and Incident Response, you will be protected.

Our digital forensics and incident response service discovers and analyzes the vectors of successful cyber-attacks.


Analyzing the vector of a cyber-attack leads you to understand where it came from, the impact, what was taken and how to respond; Ultimately, this means you will know the correct steps your organization should take to respond to a cybersecurity incident.

Sinaptic® has a team of cybersecurity specialists with GCFA certification, which is obtained from one of the most recognized cybersecurity institutes worldwide, so you can be sure that the techniques and methodologies used translate into an agile response to a cyber-attack.