Does your company have adequate policies in place
to properly manage sensitive information? Are you afraid
of suffering information theft or a data leak by mistake?
Do you want to feel like you're in control?


With the Implementation of Sinaptic® Information Security Management Systems, you will have control.

Through the integration of information security management systems, our service controls risks and mitigates threats that could affect your company's confidential digital information.


When a company strengthens its information management processes and methodologies by integrating necessary technology and raising awareness among its employees, it manages to avoid being the victim of a cyber-attack that could affect the stability, reputation and permanence of the organization.

Sinaptic® has a team of cybersecurity, ethical hacking and digital forensics specialists, who will help you safeguard your value chain, as well as develop technical and strategic guidelines that will build a strong and dynamic corporate "immune system" to protect you and react properly against any cyber-attack.