Is your corporate network slow, unstable and in constant need
of adjustment? Does the instability of your network connections
continuously impact your company´s operations? Do you want speed and agility
in your technological systems and Internet connectivity?


With the Sinaptic® Corporate Network Architecture Design and Audit, you will have the connectivity you desire.

Our corporate network analysis, operations and design services, allow for the roadmap of projects that follow international best practices in both operating environments and new implementations.


When you analyze the entire operational network thoroughly and develop the appropriate strategy, you can be sure to have the reliability, stability, security and growth that your business needs.

Sinaptic® has a team of professionals with more than 12 years of experience diagnosing, designing and managing networks in different industries. The Sinaptic® team is internationally certified in technologies that integrate the entire network, such as network perimeter security systems (Firewalls, IPS, DLPs , etc.), IP telephony and collaboration, Routing, Switching and WiFi networks.

Our vast experience in cybersecurity guarantees that Sinaptic® network audits adhere to strict protection standards.