Does your company´s network need to be expanded and improved?
Do you need to integrate new network infrastructure
and don´t know how to do it? Do you want to integrate and
manage new network equipment so that it works quickly, steadily and securely?


With the Sinaptic® Implementation Services, you will have the connection you require to enhance and grow your company.

Our corporate network implementation service offers designs and methodologies in line with international best practices in network connectivity.


When you design and implement network projects that adhere to standards, you guarantee stability, speed, reliability, security and growth in information and connectivity systems to take your business to the future you desire.

Sinaptic® has a team of professionals with more than 12 years of experience designing and implementing networks in different industries. The Sinaptic® team members are internationally certified in the different technologies that make up the network, such as network perimeter security systems (Firewalls, IPS, DLPs, etc.), IP telephony and collaboration, Routing, Switching and WiFi networks

Likewise, our vast experience in cybersecurity guarantees that Sinaptic® network implementations adhere to strict protection standards.